Corinne Schillizzi

Author of Human-Machine Learning

Driving UX Research and Design at Amazon Web Services.

With a background in Psychology and Information Technology, I have always been drawn to the intersection between Design and Machine Learning, collecting expertise in the area of 7 years.

I’m currently driving UX Research and Design at Amazon Web Services.
My past experience ranges from working as a UX & Service Designer at NTTDATA to being a web designer for small agencies. My true love in each position has been listening to customers, diving into their needs to inform product vision, strategy, ideation, and interaction iteration.

My journey as an author began when I moved from Italy to Ireland, and while unpacking, I took in my hands my Master’s degree thesis on AI for Music Recommendation and Generation. Reading some pages, I realized how my studies and work experience were bringing me to write this book.

I started collecting my experiences in designing MLs and interviewing other experienced designers in the field, collected feedback on the tools I used in my MLUX process.

Human-Machine Learning is the result of 10 years of learning, started during my university studies, and I hope it can help other Researchers and Designers to work in the ML field.

Professional Highlights

Fun Fact about the book – I still call my book “The Power of Feedback” the first title I gave to it.

Read more about Design and ML on my blog page.